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The furnace and air ducts act as your home's "respiratory system". This system can become "congested" when filled with contaminants and debris. Allergy sufferers can benefit greatly by reducing the amount of "triggers" that are present in ductwork. The proper cleaning of the air duct system is a necessity. Additionally,sanitizing and deodorizing, in certain circumstances, is key. There is no comparison to Productive's service and integrity. We are working hard to be Ohio's premier air duct cleaning company. More about duct cleaning.

Click Here for a video on what you shoud know before having your ducts cleaned.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

An office or building is only as clean as its heating and cooling duct work. The air in your facility is circulated through the duct work; the dirtiest, most unsanitary part of any building. With people spending as much as 90% of each day indoors, air quality is a major concern. Many allergy triggers are present in air ducts. In fact, indoor air can be up to 70% more polluted than outdoor air. Advantages of clean ductwork to businesses can be substantial.

The NEMI (National Energy Management Institute) reports that, "Benefits of improved indoor air quality are so large that this opportunity cannot be ignored…"

These benefits include:
• Better employee, customer, and visitor health
• Improved productivity
• Reduced health costs
• Reduced sick leave
• Increased profits

According to the EPA, any preventative maintenance plan should include:
"monitoring, inspecting and cleaning HVAC components such as outside air intakes, outside air dampers, air filters, drain pans, heating and cooling coils, the interior of air handling units, fan motors and belts, air humidification, controls and cooling towers." - EPA "Building Air Quality Action Plan".

Download the entire document here: http://www.epa.gov/iaq/largebldgs/pdf_files/baqactionplan.pdf

Read also the EPA's study on Sick Building Syndrome (SBS): http://www.epa.gov/iaq/pubs/sbs.html

Also available at EPA.gov: Indoor Air Quality in Large Buildings http://www.epa.gov/iaq/largebldgs/index.html

At Productive Professional Air Duct Cleaning, we take care of our businesses with the same care we bring to homes and families. For much of your days and weeks, your business is your home. And we want to be sure that the internal mechanisms in your HVAC system are contributing to a healthy and safe work environment. Call today for a free estimate. Or, review our bid process here: (Link to Bid Process Page)

*Side Splashes*
Good maintenance of building systems, especially the HVAC system, is a foundation for good IAQ during occupancy.
- ASHRAE "Guide to Indoor Air Quality"
Download the ASHRAE Guide to Indoor Air Quality