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The furnace and air ducts act as your home's "respiratory system". This system can become "congested" when filled with contaminants and debris. Allergy sufferers can benefit greatly by reducing the amount of "triggers" that are present in ductwork. The proper cleaning of the air duct system is a necessity. Additionally,sanitizing and deodorizing, in certain circumstances, is key. There is no comparison to Productive's service and integrity. We are working hard to be Ohio's premier air duct cleaning company. More about duct cleaning.

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The Productive Difference

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Our price includes the thorough cleaning of your entire heating and cooling system. This means we clean every register, all return and supply lines, branch and trunk lines, furnace cabinet, blower motor, and much more. The price for thoroughly cleaning your duct system is the price you were quoted. There are NO UNEXPECTED EXTRAS.  We simply offer you a price to clean your entire heating and cooling system! And we're not leaving until the job is done. Call us for your free estimate.


At Productive, we use gas powered vacuums that create 5250 cubic feet per minute of suction power. We place the entire HVAC system under vacuum pressure pulling all debris to the outside of the home, placing the entire HVAC system under pressure.  We put to work a variety of pneumatic tools to drive dust and debris from every corner of your heating and cooling system. Don't trust your indoor air quality to just anyone with a portable vacuum. Read more about our process here.


Our vacuum system pulls all the debris outside of your home, unlike even the best electric vacuum filters that allow a portion of the debris pulled from your ducts to pass into your home. Our technicians use drop cloths and shoe covers, to ensure we leave your home the way we found it, only cleaner.


A number of air duct cleaning companies only clean your average every day residential homes. It is much more difficult to clean a restaurant, office building, fire damaged homes, industrial properties, etc. A major part of our business is from the fire restoration industry. Insurance companies and contractors trust us to clean homes damaged by fire or flood.
Imagine the amount smoke, ash and soot located in the ducts, after a house fire. The furnace continues to operate as the fire rages inside the house. The furnace pulls the smoke from the fire and sends it throughout the home. Almost all of the heating and cooling systems in these situations are completely contaminated. It is a combination of specialized equipment and training, combined with our uncompromising attention to detail, that has earned us the trust of these industry professionals. We clean our projects RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.


Productive is a NADCA certified company that has been in business for 12 years, using the industry’s latest techniques and equipment.


With our equipment and staff, we can tackle difficult and large projects. For example: office buildings, schools, restaurants, apartment complexes, fire damaged homes, water damaged homes, industrial structures and other various commercial and residential buildings. Many of our commercial clients need not disrupt their businesses and most importantly their customers during normal hours. To accommodate our clients, we simply work during non-business hours!